Saturday, January 16, 2010

End of Week 2

Today we did some planning for our English lessons next week.
Then my rooommates and I ventured out of tourist Phnom Penh to meet Maly. Pat had to call her to get directions because we were lost. And we eventually arrived at her stay. We met a lot of her friends and hungout. We learned about some Khmer popular music and listened to Taylor Swift... yeah... I guess she is popular here.

And then we had some delicious fruit. I dont know what it was called but I couldnt stop eating it... which hopefully wasnt a bad idea.

Then we hopped on the back of Maly and SvreyPbao's Motos... it was seriously so scary and so cool. I had a skirt on so I had to sit sideways, with Jackie holding on to me. Emily rode with SvreyPbao. We got lost along the way but got to the church where we originally met. We talked to a few guys who had been hanging around there. They were really nice and knew where the hotel was so they brought us there.

Then we picked up Yer and went to eat dinner. I ate many firsts today. I really like frog. The shrimp was huge and delicious. We had some good fish and some other spices that were new to me. Pumpkin is popular.

I wish I had already uploaded my photos from today... but here are a few from the trip so far...

Theres a mural from ChildSafe, some children playing infront of Angkor Wat. Yer and I at Ankor Wat. Our boat ride, sunsetting behind the skyline of Phnom Penh, and the jungle roots at TaPram (which Ive only heard said/read in Khmer, and dont know how to spell it), and also a view of the city from our hotel:


  1. so i made an account just so i can comment on the picture of the tree. rat tails have come up in conversation a lot lately, which reminds me of photography class, for obvious reasons. and then this picture of the tree. i miss you, and hope yer having a great time (even though i know you are) that is all. love&peace.

  2. this is all so exciting. i think i say that every time. did the frog taste like chicken or is that just a line people use when they don't know what to say? I love hearing your food adventures as well as everything else.