Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2

A couple of days has passed. We are feeling like weve been here for a week already... it is hard to believe it has only been 2 days.

I love my roommates. Everyone on this trip is pretty cool and Im excited to know each of them more by the end of the trip.

I love seeing monks riding motor bikes down the road through the never ending speedy speedy traffic jams. I dont get nervous because it seems our tuk-tuk drivers know what they are doing - same with everyone else driving... Ide love to have learned to drive here...

Ive seen things I think would be difficult to express on words without feeling like I was exploiting situations here... so Ill probably share stories with people personally as they are interested upon my return. Ill have my journal with these stories that people can read as well.

Otherwise generally I can say that it is a difficult tension between helping immediate needs of children sellings things/asking for food vs. being involved in programs that will be working against the systemic chains that are keeping the children and women in these exploitation 'services'.

I only try to imagine myself in the shoes of the women I have seen in this country... I will never forget the sexual exploitation that happens in front of my eyes between young Cambodian women/girls with touring elder men, or phrases in a tourist advice book which suggests that men go home with Khmer girls before they choose to go home with Vietnamese girls - or else chances are they wont be getting any.

Yes that is in a tourbook... thats pretty shitty to think about.

We're staying right in the city - so far it has been so fun and sometimes scary - just because it is new, but once I am doing something and gain more experience, it feels a little bit like home. I enjoy meeting Cambodian people.

We've developed a familiar relationship with a tuk-tuk driver named 'Pat', a few of us have ventured outside of the more common tourist areas and felt what comes with being the only white people. We have some very Western-modern markets where we get groceries to make food for ourselves for lunch. We have breakfast at our hotel and have dinner along the waterfront...

Tomorrow we head to Angkor Wat. A 7 hour bus drive... after leaving early morning, we will arrive, stay the day, watch sunset and drive back through the night celebrations of the 31st year anniversary of Victory day (end of Khmer Rouge rule).

I love Cambodia.

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  1. Oooo i think this will be one of my favorite blogs to follow!

    Enjoy Cambodia

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